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Toddler still recovering after being knocked down

The last two years have been brutal for 3-year-old Tevin Cacho.  He is the little boy who was hit by a GSU pickup truck when he was only two years old. 

The last two years have been brutal for 3-year-old Tevin Cacho.  He is the little boy who was hit by a GSU pickup truck when he was only two years old.  Since then he has undergone surgery but is in need of more.  His case has been cited as a miracle as the injuries he received would ordinarily prove fatal.  His mother, Sherima Moody, said that the family has managed to put together over ten thousand dollars for procedures, but they are in need of additional assistance. She recalled the night in December when the incident occurred, and how far Baby Tevin has progressed since.

Sherima Moody, Mother:  “When I saw my baby I thought he had already passed away on the ground. If my sister didn’t have the strength to lift up the vehicle- when I had gone under the vehicle and come up back I was already thought my baby died I was already telling people that my baby had died but God gave my sister the strength to move her and lift up the vehicle and from then I thank God. The doctors told me he was going to be a vegetable, my baby is nothing like what they told me he would be. He does everything normally, it’s just little scars and the surgeries and the scars that are left for him to do other than that he is well. He knows how to say his A-B-C’s, he knows how to count, he knows his name, he knows his age, everything I try to teach him. From the accident Tevin was admitted into the ICU at Karl Huesner after three weeks in the ICU he was admitted again. After that the seventh of January he got released from Karl Heusner while he was there he had a surgery on his brain that is the only surgery he had done down here so far. So far from the accident he acts normally and does everything.”

Courtney Menzies, Love FM News:  I understand he has more surgeries left ?

Sherima Moody, Mother: “Yes ma’am his cheekbone needs to be fixed back in the correct place, his nose bridge and the main bone in his forehead also needs to be set back. If you notice his eye this cheek is all the way down he needs to lift up the bone so his eye can function better.”

Love News understands that since the incident the driver of the pickup truck, PC Marvin McKoy only contributed to the CT Scan for Baby Tevin and nothing more.  At the time of the incident GSU personnel was attempting to break up a group of persons engaged in public drinking in front of Kim’s Shop on Iguana Street Extension, Belize City. Tevin, who was in a park, was about to cross the street to go to the store to meet his mother when he was hit and ran over by the pickup truck. PC McKoy was charged in July 2019 and is slated to go to court next week.  If anyone can help Baby Tevin Cacho please contact the mom at 630-7798.