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Toledo Alcalde Association: time to end attacks against our most vulnerable

The Toledo Alcalde Association also condemned the hideous act and is calling for justice for Baby Alyssa. Love News spoke with Pablo Mis, the Program Coordinator for the Toledo Alcalde Association.

Pablo Mis – Program Coordinator, Toledo Alcalde Association

“The Toledo Alcade Association is first of all expressing our deepest regret over the loss of such an innocent life. We also with the strongest of words denounce the violation and murder of this seventeen month child.  This is an incident that we have been following from the date it was reported. This for us is the result of a systematic cycle that our young country of Belize is plagued with, where we see the attack on the most vulnerable of our poplauton – our women, children and elderly.  There is a need for us to strive to live as a community, to live in peace and to live together that is not easily achievable as we may want. Precisely because there are institutions among us that on a daily basis attempts to segregate us against each other, it is ripping apart families and spirit of community. To that then we call upon everybody to ensure that we are at all time vigilant of the decision and the action that we take.”

The release adds that the latest acts of cruelty committed against our most vulnerable Belizeans must shake us out of our paralysis to question our individual and collective responsibility to rescue our children – our nation.  It ended by emphatically stating that now is the time to break the systemic cycle.