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Toledo Alcaldes Association condemns murder of two young Mayan women


The brutal murders of seventeen year old Josephine Oh and nineteen year old Crisencia Oh have left the Mayan communities of southern Belize in shock. The young girls were hacked to death on Sunday night in the Village of San Jose in the Toledo District. Their mutilated bodies were found about two miles off the road. The sisters had left their home in San Antonio Village to attend church service in San Jose Village. They had left the church and were heading home when their attacker pounced on them. Today the Toledo Alcaldes Association of the thirty nine Maya communities in southern Belize issued a statement, condemning the heinous crime. Program Coordinator, Pablo Mis told Love News that the horrible crime has shaken their peaceful communities to its core.


“It is very clear to us that if we are going to be peaceful and respectful that that peace and respect starts from the home. So we at the Alcaldes Association call on each member of our community to ensure that we become the protectors, the defenders of each other’s, that we take time to really understand and to care for our children, our sons, our daughters, fathers, mothers, our elders because it is only through that way that we have seen us living as a collective and as a peaceful people. So that’s the first front of responsibility that we have as a people.”


Do you have any doubt in your mind that the young men were hacked to death by a member of the Maya Community?


This is something that we at this point are not certain of and it’s a matter that I don’t have the authority to speak on particularly because the police as they have stated are doing their investigation but what we want to emphasize is that it will take our community members, it will take the people of San Jose, of San Antonio, Crique Jute to be able to come forward and speak to each other and their leaders and ensure that the information that needs to put together in order for us to sketch out the road map that lead to this incident is properly presented and provided to the authorities so that in that way we are able to bring to justice the person or persons that committed this crime.”

Mis is calling on the Police Department to ensure that a thorough investigation is done and that the person or persons who committed this crime are brought before the law.


We also want to ensure that the law enforcement authorities do whatever it is in their capacity to ensure that the persons or person who committed these crimes are brought before the law and that they are able to face the law and that justice be given to the family of the deceased young women. We were very clear that the police on their own will not be able to solve all these kinds of crimes because it requires the participation, the involvement of the community members and that is a duty that each one of our community members has not only to the communities of southern Belize but to Belize on a whole.”

Also condemning the double murder are the Belize Women’s Political Caucus, Toledo Mayan Women’s Council and Building People Movement. In a joint statement the organizations said that such a heinous and cowardly act points to the issue of gender based violence. They say this is an issue which continues to impact the lives of women and girls despite the ongoing efforts of many organizations to bring awareness as well as to change the way we view women and girls in our society.