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Toledo Alcaldes Association elects new executive members

Paul Mahung reporting…

“During the Alcaldes’ recent swearing in event in Punta Gorda, Santiago Quib of San Benito Poite was elected as the new President of Toledo Alcaldes’ Association. Six other Alcaldes elected to serve as excutive members of Toledo Alcaldes Association include Basilio Teul of Santa Cruz, Andres Kus of San Miguel, Nolberto Alkahal of Crique Jute, Adriano Maas of Indian Creek, Fransisco Ack of Santa Teresa and Eladio Chiac of San Isidro. All seven executive members were elected by majority vote.   At a later meeting, the seven new TAA executive members will select from the other six members executive positions namely vice President, Secretary, Treasurer among other specific positions. Newly Elected TAA President Santiago Quib is replacing former TAA President Alfonso Caal of Golden Stream and the new Vice President once selected will replace former TAA Vice President Thomas Ishim of Midway who conducted the election of the seven new executive members of Toledo Alcaldes’ Association.