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Toledo Alcaldes vs Land Rights Commission

Yesterday the Toledo Alcalde Association issued a release expressing concern at the way they said representatives were treated by the Chair of the Toledo Maya Land Rights Commission. They claim they went to a scheduled meeting with the commission however they were put out of the office. Today the Commission issued a release saying it is obligated to ensure that the Maya people do not become voiceless in the process of implementing the CCJ order as it relates to Maya customary land rights. It goes on to say quote “The Commission is therefore disappointed by the statements made by the Toledo Alcalde Association as it relates to a meeting held on Monday, May, 16, 2016. The planned meeting was held and present were 32 of the 36 village leaders, the participants were very engaged and welcomed the opportunity to commence dialogue with the Commission. What was not allowed was an interruption to the planned meeting, but an offer was made to meet with the Steering Committee a mutually convenient time.” End of quote.  The Commission says it will proceed with its consultations with elected leaders of all villages in the Toledo District and Punta Gorda Town as it has a very clear Terms of Reference and will not be distracted with actions that undermine a process that is transparent and inclusive.