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A Toledo Christmas for Kids

Children and adults were treated to gifts for the Christmas in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

Paul Mahung: “Christmas gifts including wheelchairs were presented to a number of families and the individuals in Punta Gorda and nearby rural communities in Toledo. The timely Christmas gifts surely brought joy to the recipients and promoted the season of giving, love, care and gratitude and one of the team members involved in the distribution of the gift items was director of Feeding our Lamb organization of Belmopan Rene Pennel.

Rene Penne Director of Feeding our Lamb: “Every year for the last three years our organization “Feeding our Lamb” has been giving out gifts to children and teenagers. This year we ventured to the Punta Gorda Town to spread the joy of Christmas to some 300 children who would otherwise would not have had the opportunity. We gave gifts in the Hopeville, the Indianville and the Cemetery areas of Punta Gorda Town. We also had the privilege of meeting the Ramclam family in Bridgeville, the father and mother have three children who suffers from an inherited genetic disorder that have the three of them totally paralyzed. It was truly a heart wrenching experience and we were all eternally touched by the resilience of this family who continue to work for themselves, who continue to be happy and who are looking forward for Christmas. We also donated three wheel chairs to three families in the Punta Gorda area. Finally I want to thank the members of our team who were instrumental in making this Christmas treat a success.”

Paul Mahung: One of the wheel chair recipients was Petrona Zuniga.”

Petrona Zuniga: “Thanks to Mr. Valala, thanks to Mr. Rene Pennel. I am satisfied with the wheelchair, I am welcoming to the wheel chair because I really need it.”

Paul Mahung: “Another recipient was Domingo Chiquin.”

Domingo Chiquin: Well I am thankful for the assistance for this wheelchair for Mr. Rene Pennell and thanks to Mr. Valala and our reporter Mr. Paul Mahung, thank very much.”

Paul Mahung: “Similar gift presentations of mobile’s and wheelchairs were previously made to persons with walking disabilities in other rural Toledo communities and Punta Gorda during 2018. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”