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Toledo District Faces Water Issues

April is usually in the middle of the dry season in Belize and that often means significant challenges in water supply in rural communities in Toledo. Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung reports on solutions to the issue.
Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent:  Locating needed and adequate natural underground water supply source for village level use is welcoming news for inhabitants of San Antonio Toledo. Drill well operations to locate adequate natural and needed under ground water source in San Antonio Toledo were ongoing since the beginning of this year by water well operations team from the Rural Water System and Sanitation Unit. The much needed project to help solve repeated village level water supply problems was initiated by Minister of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labor and Local Government Toledo West Representative Honorable Oscar Requena who spoke to Love News.

Oscar Requena, Minister of Rural Transformation: “We finally were able to get water in San Antonio. I must say that since the election in November we have been persistently trying to find water. We dug four wells well over two hundred feet and we were not able to find enough water to sustain a water system but thankfully in the last two weeks and a half ago we were able to get a very good underground reservoir and it seems that it will be able to maintain the system in San Antonio. So I’m happy to report that we are working on that system in San Antonio because I’m fully aware that they have been having serious problems with water particularly during the dry weather and I want to assure the villagers of San Antonio that we’re doing everything within our capacity to get that well going to ensure that we can connect it to the system and at the end of the day that people can have water in their homes that is what is important.”

Members of Rural Water System and Sanitation Unit engaged in drill well operations are currently in process of required tests to assure that the water pressure and level in the most recently drilled well remain as needed to provide adequate water supply in the homes of over three hundred and fifty families in San Antonio.