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Toledo District Sees Change in Policing Formation

The Police Department has now installed a new officer in charge of the southernmost formation. Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung spoke to the new local higher-ups. He files the following report.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: The Toledo Police Formation has a new officer in command. As stated to Love News last Wednesday in Punta Gorda by visiting Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, effective Monday May 3 Toledo Police Formation is under a new officer in command and deputy. Love News caught up with the new Officer in Command Assistant Superintendent of Police Brent Hamilton. 

Assistant Superintendent of Police Brent Hamilton: “We came here to motivate, to inspire and to bring safety and some calmness to the community. I believe that we can restore the public confidence of the Punta Gorda Town. We are here to make our work better, make the public confidence of the community better and we want the people of Punta Gorda to understand that you might see some slight changes and we want them to work with us. We will emphasize a community campaign more, we will have a primary checkpoint. I am now embarking on a new way how the community could reach to the police through Whatsapp where there’s only two persons that will be operating that Whatsapp. The number now is 638 5656. Any crime, anything that you feel that you need to report to the police you can also access that. Report something, do something that’s basically what we want to happen.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Hamilton commented that Punta Gorda is a long and well known peaceful southern coastal municipality and with recent murders and other criminal offences here it is essential that inhabitants of Punta Gorda and by extension Toledo and Police work closely to halt criminal activities affecting individual families, the entire town and Toledo district.