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Toledo Police and Community Meet and Greet

But that wasn’t the only initiative taking place in tight-knit community in Punta Gorda Town. The police must step up their patrols and also canvas the neighborhoods not to give gifts but advice to establishments and individuals who become targets for criminals, particularly in December. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung shares the lessons from the Officer in Charge of the Police Formation.

Paul Mahung: “Members of Punta Gorda Police Formation  participated in meet and greet sessions yesterday afternoon with members of the business community. During the sessions Love News caught up with Officer in Command Toledo Police Formation Assistant Super Internet Fransisco Ack.”

Officer in Command Toledo Police Formation Assistant Superintendent Francisco Ack: “As we are in the middle the Christmas season the Punta Gorda Police Department stepped up their Christmas anti crime patrol since the first of December of this year. As part of our Christmas anti crime patrol we are doing our part in the meet and greet to meet the business community in Punta Gorda Town. The business community were very receptive and appreciative of our presence this afternoon as we gave them a word of advice as to how to move around within town and conducting their business. We advised them not to walk around or go to other business establishments with large amounts of money and to be careful as to how to take out their wallets or their purses when conducting business within town or anywhere they go at this time of the year.”

Paul Mahung:Previous meet and greet sessions undertaken by Punta Gorda Police focused on meeting with members of Punta Gorda community and nearby villages. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”