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Toledo Prepares to Properly Manage Waste Disposal

Across the country, the Government is addressing the proper disposal of solid waste. In Orange Walk, the station is being built with funding from the IDB and land donated by ASR/BSI. In the south, a transfer station to dispose of solid waste is being built in Forest Home to serve residents of Toledo. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Paul Mahung: A public information session last night in Punta Gorda focused on construction of the Belize Waste Management Project 2 New Garbage Transfer Station In Toledo. Belize Waste Management Communication Officer Tyrone Chimilio spoke to Love News at the event.

Tyronne CHIMILIO: We are here talking about Belize Solid Waste Management 2 and it’s an information session just to keep the residents in Punta Gorda abreast to the construction of the works that is currently taking place for the transfer station that will be conducted here in Punta Gorda. The Solid Waste Management Project 2 is an extension of Solid Waste Management 1. We are actually closing six major dump  sites within the country on the Northern and Southern corridors. Those beneficiary districts are Corozal, Orange Walk , Dangriga , Placencia and Punta Gorda. So I am here at the Punta Gorda Town Hall speaking about the Solid Waste Project Management 2 and of course we know that the Transfer Station will be benefiting the residents of Punta Gorda Town. We are currently doing closure works at the open dump site there and we have a current dumpsite that is currently still working where waste is going and adjacent to the we have the construction of the Transfer Station.

Paul Mahung: Is there any timeline to the commencement and completion of the project?

Tyrone Chimilio: “The Transfer Station is said to be completed by next year 2019. We are looking  more at April- May and we should be operating those Transfer Stations.

Paul Mahung: What were some of the major concerns brought up by the citizens tonight?

Tyrone Chimilio: “ One of the major concerns is how the Transfer Station is going to be utilized in Punta Gorda of course, how people could be able to participate in terms of how they are going to separate their waste.

Paul Mahung: “Participants at the information sessions included representatives of Punta Gorda Town Council, Toledo Association of Tour Guides, Forest Home Village Council, Toledo Institute for Development and Environment Tide, PG Business Community, Toledo JP Association and other concerned citizens. The construction location of the new garbage transfer station is at the area of the original Toledo Dumpsite located on Water Hole Rd., some 5 miles of Punta Gorda in the outskirts of Forest Home Village. Paul  Mahung, Toledo Correspondent Love news.