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Toledo residents want Government to act on bad roads…now

Residents of rural communities in the Toledo District demonstrated today, calling on the Government of Belize to respond to adverse road conditions. Residents says that the situation has disconnected their communities from the rest of the country, preventing people from heading to work and students from going to school. Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development said that an action plan is now in place to respond to eleven areas of critical importance. Three road engineers from Belmopan along with road maintenance operators and equipment from the MIDH Stann Creek Road Maintenance Unit have been dispatched to the area. This team has been mobilized to the southernmost district for seven days in the first instance to address eleven roads identified for immediate repairs. The team will partner with five suitably equipped road contractors who will complement the efforts to restore adequate access to the identified roads. The road works will include the Boom Creek Road, various areas near Sunday Wood, Crique Sarco, Corazon, Otoxha, Dolores, Machakilha, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Teresa, Mabil Ha, San Lucas, San Antonio, Crique Jute, and the Laguna, Monkey River and Aguacate Roads. Additionally, as part of the Ministry’s plan, several major roads are proposed for upgrading during the remaining period of this fiscal year. There are 379 miles of roadways in Toledo.