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Toledo Siblings Reported Missing

A brother and sister have been reported missing in the south. They are 13-year-old Eli and 14-year-old Kiara Caceres. The siblings were last seen yesterday at around three o’clock pm in their home village of Bella Vista in the Toledo District. The children’s step-mother, Silvia Patt, told Love News via phone that this is the first time that they have gone missing.

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “I sell clothes and I sent them to go leave clothes behind their mom’s house. I always send them and they pass through their mom’s house, I was expecting them right here but I sent somebody to come check here to look for them but they were never here. So at that time it was about 3 P.M so I started to worry and I called their dad, I called everybody for them to come help and we searched almost all the night and right now we are searching and we’re not getting anything yet from them. Only people said they saw them yesterday evening but they didn’t tell us where exactly they went or anything they just told us that they saw them in the evening.”

Reporter: Is this the first time they’ve gone missing like this before ?

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “This is the first time yes. Eli was wearing a black sweater with brown or reddish leaves and a blue Dickies and Kiara was wearing a blue short pants with white spots and a blue blouse with a white line.”

Reporter: Okay so what are police telling you. Are you searching for them ? What’s going through your mind.

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “We are here together searching for them. We have two persons that say they saw them with them but they don’t know anything about them. They just said they left them somewhere but from there people don’t know where they went.” 

Reporter: Do you believe your children are in danger ? 

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “I don’t know because. Yesterday we were happy because – I don’t know , I just don’t understand why they did that.”

Reporter: Are there any friends that they go to their houses or any favorite spot that they go to in the village ?

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “No, they haven’t reached to their friends house but I didn’t know that Kiara had some friends and they told us that she wanted to know Red Bank and people said they went there, we went to look for them there and people said they didn’t know anything about them.”

Patt is pleading with the public in locating Eli and Kiara as the family and police officers team up to search for the brother and sister.

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “I just want to tell them for them to help me search for them because they are not my kids but I raised them and as a mother I want to find them and I hope they’re alright but if people know someone who has them please call us or tell us where they are because we are so worried, all of our family is worried.”

Reporter: Okay so you are what to them ? Their stepmom ?

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “Stepmom yes.”

Reporter: So you live with their dad.

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “Yes.”

Reporter: And their mom lives where ?

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “Right here at Bella Vista. Right now I’m at her house.”

Reporter: Okay and she hasn’t seen them as yet. 

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “No. The last time she saw them was at four o’clock in the evening she says.”

Reporter: Okay, that’s when they left her house to go back home.

Silvia Patt, Stepmother: “Yeah but from then they didn’t reach home.”

If you have any information that can lead the family and police to the whereabouts of the siblings you can call 606-7296 or 615-7296.