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Toledo Union Field to be Upgraded

Footballers, other athletes and fans can look forward to enjoying a refurbished Toledo Union Field and facilities later this year. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


Refurbishing of work on the Toledo Union field which began last year is done by Coleman Construction Limited with director and project manager Steven Coleman.

Steven Coleman: “Work continues and as you can see we have about a month more to go before we are fully completed. Not 100% in the sense that we have to allow the grass to grow so that will take another two to three months to properly germinate and grow so I would say that it should be ready for play in September or October of this year.”

Your comment on the type of the structures going on?

Steven Coleman: “We have the locker rooms, the bleachers, the VIP lounge, the toilets and some concession bars, main entries, fence, culverts, walkways and the lights, fully refurbished.”

Coleman commented that the refurbishing project of Toledo Union Field is undertaken by the government of Belize with executing agent BIL.