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Toledo West Area Rep Says He Understands the Villager of Indian Creek

Oscar Requena, the Minister of Local Government, who is also the Area Representative for Toledo West, under which Indian Creek Village lies, also commented on the issue. He says that the village leaders reached out to him three days ago and requested certain information of the Royals’ visit. He said, however, that he was unable able to address their concerns which may have led the villagers to become upset.

Oscar Requeña, Area Representative, Toledo West: “First of all I want to say that I don’t have all the details and say to you that there were some concerns from the leaders of the community that there was a proposed visit to Indian Creek and basically they were saying that they did not have information and they felt that as leaders of the community, they needed to be informed so that they in turn could inform the community and I think really, that’s where the issue arose. Certainly I can say to you that Indian Creek certainly has some concerns with regards to the adjacent lands. They are lands that they have been using for farming, lands where they go in and hunt, lands where they go in and get materials to build their homes and certainly you’re aware that it is a very large tract of land. I think it’s about 13,000 acres of land and the community is very concerned that that’s where they do their livelihood. I must clarify though that my understanding is that it’s private land and what has to happen is the parties have to come together. You know, the community is in need of additional land to expand and I believe that the only way to work it is that the company or the private owners that own those lands have to take those things into account, that you know, the community is expanding. It’s growing and there is a need for additional farmlands for land so that the village can expand and those things have to be taken into account. The leaders have been in communication with me. I spoke to them, in fact, three days ago because they called me. They had questions and unfortunately I couldn’t answer them because I didn’t have the answers but I must say that you know I can understand the issues that the community has. It’s working together. You know a lot of times when there is an absence of information, sometimes miscommunication, misconceptions are created. So certainly there is the need to, for future reference, whenever these things are going to happen, there is always the deal. I am always a proponent, an advocate of working with our leaders, working with our communities. Unfortunately, I have to clarify, as I understand it, that many of the arrangements were being made by Kensington Palace. That’s my understanding and as a result of that, not even myself as the Area Representative had information and that’s what I shared with the leaders of the community.”

And, after all is said and done, it turns out the Government has taken Indian Creek Village off the list of visiting sites. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eamon Courtenay confirmed to our newsroom that the Royal visitors will be taken to an alternative farm to showcase the cacao industry and an aspect of the Mayan culture.