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Toledo West Rep Questions Gov’t on Fuel Prices

Area representative for Toledo West, Oscar Requena took the opportunity to speak on the cost of fuel. Requena questioned the rise in fuel prices in Belize when the price of fuel around the world has fallen to an all-time low. He said the high cost of fuel continues to impact all sectors.


“The bus industry is suffering, our bus operators are crying. The price of fuel is so high. Why is it that government does not see it fit to reduce the price of fuel because prices of fuel have gone down to ensure that our people can survive and make a little bit more money Mr. Speaker. This is important. The productive sector depends upon fuels whether it is bananas, whether it is citrus, whether it is other forms of agriculture dependent on fuel. Man if you lower the price of fuel it is an incentive for other people to invest in agriculture. We need to grow this economy Mr. Speaker that is what we need to do, create an economy where people can live lives of decency and not dependency and we can do that by reducing the price of fuel Mr. Speaker.”