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Toledo West Standard Bearers Meet With Returning Officer

The Returning Officer in Toledo West met yesterday with the division’s three standard bearers. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


“On Tuesday October 13 at 10am I conducted a meeting with  the candidates of the three political parties in the presence of our Superintendent Simeon Alvarez, my election clerk, Mr. John Nembhard and the Registering Officer, Ms.Sheridan Polonio. At this meeting we discussed different issues as the candidates had questions with regards to the nomination process and the voting process. To ensure that all 6,496 registered voters for Toledo West have a peaceful time at the poll we have mentioned and repeatedly advised our candidates and their parties to observe the rules as it pertains to the 100 yard line and we reminded them of section 31 and 40 of the People’s Representation Act that those voters in the line must be given a fair chance to go to the polls and not to be experiencing the canvasing of votes at the polls. We discussed many issues as well in terms of nomination the six registered voters must be from the division, they must be from Toledo West so that nomination process is adhered to. We also discussed many other issues such as the counting, the transportation of boxes and those candidates that were here, the red Mr.Juan Coy, the blue Mr.Oscar Requena and the green Mr.Estevan Asi Jr. all agreed that we would meet again on the 20th of October at 4pm here at the Punta Gorda police department conference room and so far so good. We have established that relationship where the candidates feel a sense of pride in the election process of the voters for Toledo West and so I would like to say that we are off to a good start.”

The meeting session facilitated by Toledo West returning officer Miriam Cod and other officials was attended by Toledo West candidates.