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Tone it down, says PUP Leader

PUP Senators Paul Thompson and Valerie Woods both want to become the party’s Standard Bearer for the Albert constituency. The PUP’s convention for that Albert Division is expected to be held on June 17 and on that day only one of the Senators will come out on top. It’s a battle for the delegates who ultimately will chose who they want to represent them. The battle has gotten a bit nasty with unflattering statements being thrown by both sides. Today PUP Leader John Briceno was asked for a comment.  He says that while it is a spirited competition, they need to tone it down a bit.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “That shows the level of excitement and energy that the PUP is developing and it shows that people really want to be a part of the PUP. It shows that people believe that we are going to form the next government that is why they’re fighting tooth and nail to try to win. I wish we could tone it down a bit and my recommendation has always been not to be personal to go out there and do a positive campaign but you will always have people, supporters that you can’t control as best as you wish, it’s a part of politics and a part of the contact sport as you say. We wish it would not be so but I’m very excited about the Albert Division because the Albert Division they have always felt that it is a UDP division but I firmly believe that any of those two candidates that are elected on June 17th will be the next area representative in the Albert.”

The current area representative for Albert is Minister Tracey Taegar Panton.