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Top 25 PSE Performers Awarded

Proud family and friends gathered as the top performers in this year’s PSE were recognized. Johnelle McKenzie was at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and has the story.

Honorable Patrick Faber Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister: To you students we are honoring here today I employ you to continue on this path of excellence. You are a shining example to others, continue to set goals to plan on how to accomplish them and work hard to implement your plan to accomplish your goals. You have shown that you can do this through your outstanding performance on the Primary School Exam and I am sure that you have and you will in other areas of your life. Keep it up, Keep it up, Si se puede yes you can. Young ladies and gentlemen as you move into the next stage of your educational career I want to continue to encourage you to think of your career and life goals. Let your career and life goals begin to shape what your educational goals are. After all an education is not just for its own sake, it is also for your full personal development and for your contribution to the development of your country. Ladies and gentlemen it would be remiss of us not to also recognize the accomplishment of these young people we honor today, it’s not theirs alone, indeed they will no doubt admit that they have had a lot of support from their schools and their parents and guardians, from their families and friends. The schools will tell you how they too set goals, had plans and worked hard to the see the success of these ladies and gentlemen we honor today.