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Torrential rains cause flooding down south

Over the weekend, steady rainfall caused flooding in several areas. Minister of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), Edmond Castro says things are returning to normal.

Edmond Castro – Minister of NEMO: “Well the water has receded from the Halacte area, the Barranco Road and the other spot on the road and what we noticed is that we had some flooded area in the Lagoon Area in PG Town itself so the damage assessment people are out there and we have about twenty or twenty something families that we are dealing with in terms of some assistance that were messed up and that kind of thing, hygiene kits so that we can help them to clean up their houses. We are almost back on track, as soon as we get the assistance for those people affected in those areas I think we should be okay depending that no more rains will come down within the next few days and affect them again. People need places to live and some of the areas close to flood prone areas and people still live there so what we could do is just to make sure that whenever we have a flooding situation to try to hear from them as quickly as possible and try to get them to a safe location.”

In other news from NEMO, a one day Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis workshop was held today. The Main facilitator was Principal Hydrologist Tennielle Williams, who is Deputy Chair of the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Committee. The workshop was attended by public officers who are part of the district emergency committees, as well as village leaders and volunteers. It covered the various types of disaster assessment and analysis, such as Initial Situation Assessment, Initial Damage Assessment and Detail Sectoral Assessment.


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