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Tour Guide Slain Whilst Walking Home

A tour guide of Faber’s Road was slain in the early hours of Saturday morning as he and another man were walking on Hydes Lane in Belize City.  The incident occurred just after four o’clock leaving 44-year-old, Dale Tillett Sr dead and David Garcia of a Lindo’s Alley address, injured.  Inspector Alejandro Cowo of the Crimes Investigative Branch spoke on the preliminary findings of their investigation.


What the police gathered so far is that Dale Anthony Tillett was walking down on Hydes Lane towards North Front Street along with two other male persons when two persons on motorcycles came from Hydes Lane towards North Front Street and as they approached them near the corner one of the male persons on the motorcycles fired several shots at the person that was walking along with Dale Gillette and as a result Dale Tillett received the fatal injuries and the other person Garcia received a gunshot wound to the left side of his shoulder. Presently Garcia is in a stable condition at the KHMH at this time. So far on the investigation is that the guy Dale Tillett and others had just left from a nightclub on the north side toward their homes when these motorcycles approached them and fired the shots at them. We have about four or five persons detained from different parts of the north side of Belize City.”

Investigators say that Tillett was not gang affiliated and are still seeking a motive in this case.