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Tourism Board Joins the Fight Against Crime

Belizeans have been expressing their concerns over the gun violence, especially on Belize City Streets. Belize has made the list as one of the countries with the highest murder rate in the world. We asked Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia how his ministry has been dealing with the rising crime rate.


“Definitely crime is something that can really affect the tourism industry and many other industries or businesses in Belize. Even though it is a concern of the entire nation I believe that in the ministry particularly because tourism is so sensitive and fragile that we have put special emphasis. I think you have heard several times that BTB has been donating vehicles to different areas. Hopkins there was a vehicle and two motorcycles that were added to Hopkins; San Pedro will be added in the next week or so another pick up to the police there and we are doing that country wide. We are trying to make sure that we can do our share to protect this industry that is flourishing. I believe when it comes to foreign exchange tourism is the one that is fast growing and one that is creating the biggest foreign exchange of this nation of Belize.”