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Belize Hotel Association president speaks on Gold Standard hotels

There are over nine hundred hotels in Belize and only four hundred of those have been deemed Gold Standard. The hotels that have been marked Gold Standard are the only ones that can cater to tourist since the re-opening of the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) October 1. According to President of the Belize Hotel Assocation (BHA), Ted Tejada, hotels are only showing a ten to twenty percent occupancy compared to statistics in previous years.

Ted Tejada, President, Belize Hotel Association: “We knew that it was going to be slow start. We have seen between 15-20% normal occupancy in any of our member hotels compared to last year if we were to look at December which is one of the highest months hotels in Belize would be operating between 60-90% during this month but due to the pandemic hotels are reporting between 10 and not more than 20% occupancy. It has been a very slow start. The United States who provides huge tourism for Belize we only see 24% of the population is willing to travel and out of those 24% there’s also 60% who are willing to travel internally within the United States so we are actually competing against Miami, Houston, these destinations in the United States that might also have sun and beach compared to them travelling internationally and so we do see that during the months of January, February and March it’s going to continue to be a slow start. We’re expecting that the release of the vaccine and having more people immunized that will speed up the process of the arrivals but we’re looking forward, looking to January, February and March we believe it’s still going to continue being a slow start for Belize.”

The gold Standard certification is done through the Belize Tourism Board.