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Tourism Boom = Over Population and Congestion on Ambergris Caye

While the Hilton Hotel has a membership of fifty two thousand, and some of the members are expected to visit Belize it may become a concern for villagers adding the number of go carts and vehicles on the island. However, Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia says a lot of work will be done in the near future to address the issue of congestion and over population.


“There is an overcrowding of people. There might be somewhat of a congestion of vehicles which is different but at the same time we have a plan. We’re not sleeping over here. We have a plan and If you have time you can take a look on the other side of the airstrip we are building an alternative road that will bring  you from the marina where barges unload containers and heavy vehicles. That road will be exclusively for heavy vehicles and then the main road leading to town will be mainly for the smaller vehicles. At the same time we are working on a second bridge that  will also be used for heavy vehicles and the now existent bridge will be used for the smaller ones. Again, the subdivision that was very questionable during the times before election. We have finally surveyed a thousand of them with provision for hospital, college, elementary school, police station, fire department, playgrounds, what not, everything in this master plan that was done for that area.”