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Tourism CEO Comments on Vaccination Among the Tourism Sector

As of Monday, more than two hundred and eleven thousand Belizeans have received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Out of that number, close to two hundred thousand persons have been fully vaccinated. This puts the number of persons who are fully vaccinated in Belize to almost fifty percent, making it one of the highest vaccination rates in the region. It’s also one of the key factors in re-opening the country for tourism. CEO in the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations Nicole Solano told us that while the vaccination rate in the tourism sector is not at 100%, the figure is quite encouraging.

Nicole Solano, CEO, Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations: “I’m not saying that every single tour guide is vaccinated but in order for a tour guide to enter tourism sites according to the existing legislation they must be vaccinated. But it’s not really a situation of vaccination mandates it’s really more a situation of them understanding the need to protect themselves and their families. So we have not seen a major problem within the tourism industry for people to get vaccinated. I think for the most part we’ve seen that they realize the importance of it and a lot of the hotels, that or operators, they are the ones that are working along with the employees within their companies to ensure that everybody is safe through the use of vaccination. You might find somebody out there that’s not vaccinated so I can’t say to you with all certainty that 100% for certain but I’m saying close to 100%. We know that people within the industry who are working are required to be vaccinated the lines also want to make sure for example harvest key You have to be vaccinated in order to actually go on the island so some of these people I have special requirements in place and many of those requirements are for them to be vaccinated.”