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Tourism Figures on an Upward Trend for Belize

Good news is coming from the Belize Tourism Board. Today BTB shared with the media their latest figures for the first quarter of the year, which includes January, February and March. Belize continues to see an increase in the figures. The cruise industry had a small decline due to thirteen missed calls from cruise ships docking in Belize. Nevertheless, the overall numbers were exceptional. Noriko Gamero, marketing and Public Relations Manager gave the details.


“We are very happy to show that January had an increase of 24% and February’s increase of 18.5% and historically the first two months for the year has never exceeded 75,000 passengers collectively which this year we did. March didn’t fail us, March failed by 10% which is usually the peak of our tourism season and this increased by a historic 43,063 passengers which never in history has any month exceeded 40,000 passengers so we are very excited about those numbers. As a result of that we have seen an increase in international TV shows, we’ve seen celebrities like Andrew Zimmerman was here, Paul Logan was here, we have been named TripAdvisor top destinations so we’ve seen Belize being named internationally and we can see the results of it.

Gamero spoke about what attributed to the growing figures for this quarter.


“We’ve seen 10 months consecutively of increase in our numbers and we know that we’ve been changing our strategies a lot this year in our marketing so we are definitely looking more at the analytics, we are looking more at the numbers. We’re trying to be more strategic so for example we have partnerships with American Airlines where they brought their road warrior winners to Belize which gave us a 9 month consecutive exposure on all the American Way Magazines, it had in flight videos of the winners coming to Belize so the video was on all the plane screens for the entire month of March. We’ve also been very strategic in bringing in international press coverage that would write articles on Belize, social influencers that take pictures and do a lot more videos and then in addition to that our stakeholders have been playing a very adamant role in getting the exposure of Belize.”

The first quarter of 2016 marks a sixteen point nine percent increase in overnight tourist arrivals.