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Tourism Industry’s contingency plans to deal with hazards

Today, the workshop is part of an activity by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). It’s part of the Supporting Climate Smart and Sustainable Tourism Industry Project. It is being implemented by the CTO in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank.  According to Kennedy Pemberton, the Sustainable Tourism Consultant for the CTO, they are updating a decade old document concerning hazards.

Kennedy Pember Sustainable Tour: “One of the key activities under this particular project is the updating of the document that is about 9 years old and it’s called the Multi Hazard Contingency Planning Manual. In simple terms what that document or that tool is, its basically a guide to developing or managing disasters across the Caribbean. We have had a look at the document, we have gotten feedback from stakeholders and one of the primary complaints was that the document was very hefty, it was about 300 pages and that it was somewhat difficult to understand and so recognizing that 9 years later where the profile of risk across the region would have changed and needs to be immediately updated, we sought the assistance of the CDB and through this particular program they have granted us the needed resources. Specifically with the activity today this is what we call an In Country Pilot Training Session and so again out of the lesson learned from the first manual we recognize that one of the main actions that needed to be taken is that we are not just able to develop the tool and to share it with countries but that we are able to teach them how to use the tool, how to apply the tool and how to in effect conduct training and replicate that so there is learning and capacity enhancements at the end of the day so that’s why we are here. This is the second in country training that we are having with the project, the first one would have been about 3 weeks ago and after we finish with Belize we will then move on to Jamaica, Dominica and Haiti.”

Belize is one of 24 member destinations of the CTO. The CTO is concerned with tourism development and today’s workshop included both private and public sectors including tour operators.