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Tourism Minister Says He Welcomes Interrogation From the Senate

Tomorrow, the Senate Select Committee will convene in Belmopan to continue its investigation of the results of the Auditor General’s Special Reports. Several witnesses and key persons of interest have appeared before the committee since the inception of the hearing. Last week Former UDP Deputy Mayor Eric Chang and former Belize City Council Employee, Patrick Tillett along with Immigration Clerk One Lindsay Wade presented themselves. All three men were questioned about the 8 missing visa foils that prompted the immigration audit. The audit covers the period of 2011 to 2013 and the names of a number of government ministers appear in the audit. Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. is named in the audit but he say he has nothing to hide because he did nothing illegal.


“There is nothing illegal that I did in recommending people. There is nothing that they can find that I said or instructed or otherwise said that they should do something; it was just a recommendation and that is my job as a legislature to recommend. If they want to question me or any interrogation I am willing to do so because I know that I have done nothing wrong that there is no evidence whatsoever that will point to me as doing anything that is illegal. If I recommend and something went wrong afterwards that is not me that is the person that processed.”

The hearings resume tomorrow when it is expected that the Acting Director of CITO, …. Gonzalez and IT Officer in the Immigration Department, Teodolfo Bol will testify. We understand that Senior Immigration Officer, Inis Casanova was to appear, however her attorney Richard Dickie Bradley informed the Committee that she will be unable to do until next week.  Our news team will be Belmopan tomorrow and we will bring you an update in tomorrow newscast.