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Tourist falls from Maya temple

A tourist fell from the Xunantunich Mayan temple in the Cayo District. It happened yesterday evening at around 4:30 and pictures show 59-year-old Cindy Vanhoff on a stretcher being carried by six men to a B.E.R.T. ambulance. She fell from a height of about fifteen feet, off the Temple 6-A site. She was descending the structure when the incident occurred.  BERT ambulance responded some fifty minutes after the incident. The BDF and Police were present with Vanhoff who was reportedly speaking and was in good spirits. The extent of the tourist’s injuries was not shared but it does not sound like anything serious. A representative from NICH says that tourists are cautioned when visiting and exploring the temples. While NICH employees at the sites are trained in first aid, there are no professional medics on the grounds.