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Tourist Saved by the Coast Guard in San Pedro

On Thursday, the Belize Coast Guard were of assistance to a tourist who appeared to be experiencing issues in the waters of San Pedro. Love News spoke with Lieutenant Kenrick Thomas, Operations Officer at the Belize Coast Guard who explained further details. He also expatiated on the measures taken by the Belize Coast Guard to ensure that they are up to date on water safety protocols.
Lt. Kenrick Thomas, BCG Operations Officer: “Yesterday morning at around 11:30 am, our San Pedro patrol was deployed to a mission in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve area. Whilst executing their task, they were alerted by a group of tourists in the water some 100 metres away yelling for help. Immediately the patrol responded and saw a female tourist unconscious and was bleeding from the nose. She was recovered from the water by a coast guard team and a group of emergency medical technicians from San Pedro who happened to have been on-board the coast guard vessel at the time. She was rendered first aid and later transported on-board the coast guard vessel to San Pedro Town where she later received further medical attention. Safety at sea is very important for everyone. A first aid kit is very important to, again, have on-board your vessel when operating in the seas. There’s a lot of safety implementations. Or let me say, let me see how I can reword that. There’s a lot of safety requirements in place, not only first aid kits but also the personal floatation device. These are the life jackets, life vests that should be on-board vessels for all persons on-board and also extra life vests in the event that you should come across a vessel or a person in distress because again, in keeping with the UN Convention of the Laws of Sea, safety of life at sea is important and all seafarers would need to render the necessary assistance to someone in distress once they come across someone in a situation like that. It is part of our training requirement that we undergo these kinds of training every year. We requalify our sailors. They undergo training and they get their necessary certification to render first aid so we all undergo these training. It is part of our training curriculum and it is also a part of our requirement when it comes to doing promotional courses, when it comes to our appraisal period. We also tick those off to ensure that everyone undergoes their annual medical training.”

The tourist is currently receiving medical attention in San Pedro Town.