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Tracy Panton cites general hopelessness as one major cause of crime

People are generally feeling hopeless. That’s according to Albert Area Representative, Tracy Panton. She cites that hopelessness as one of the major reasons why crime is rife in Belize. The former Minister of State says there are many people in her area, who have resorted to crime, have done so because of acute joblessness and a lack of educational opportunities. While she does not fully agree with the policy decisions the PUP Government has made on the crime-fighting front, she is calling for more inclusion in GOB’s multi-sectoral approach. 

Tracy Panton, Area Representative, Albert: “It should work if the components are well coordinated. I still, in my perspective, feel that it’s very disjointed. There should be, for example, on an issue of such great importance, to the national well being of the country, some inclusion of the Opposition and some of these efforts, so we can assist with the solutions. No one organisation, no one political party or political administration can find all the answers and I think that we need to bring our best minds to the table, whether they are UDP, or PUP, or NIP. We need to bring our best minds to the table and I put it to you, Dale, that the lack of Belizeans feeling in their personal lives, the impact of the growth of this economy is one of the reasons we see the crime rates continuing to escalate. When people are living on the margins, when they don’t know what tomorrow will bring for themselves and their family, when they start losing hope in what is possible, people will go to crime.”