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Tracy Panton is “on board” with the UDP’s rebuilding efforts

Albert representative, Tracy Panton is optimistic that the UDP will get its internal issues resolved. Since the February 2020 convention and even more so after the party lost terribly in the last elections, the party has struggled to unite.  The most recent development is that former Party Leader, Patrick Faber has conditionally agreed to meet with his successor, Moses “Shyne” Barrow later this month to iron out their differences and move forward. We asked Panton today about how the party can move past its internal differences. She stressed that honest dialogue is one part of the solution.

Tracy Panton, Area Representative, Albert Division: “For the sake of mending and defending our democracy I think it’s an imperative for the United Democratic Party to get its act together. I think that as a political organization we need to sit down and we need to do the work of really having a clear assessment of why we find ourselves where we find ourselves. To work at healing and uniting and then rebuilding the party to its full strength. That’s not easy work not after devastating losses in a general election, in a municipal elections, in a village council elections. It’s not easy. But if there is the will, if we ourselves are prepared to respect our own constitution so that you know we stop this cherry-picking, if this provision works for now we use this provision and if it doesn’t work for now we ignore the provision, we must be able to respect our own constitution so that we can create an environment for fair play, for honest communication, and for the rebuilding efforts to take strong growth. There are many in our society that support the United Democratic Party and look to us for leadership and look to us to defend Belize’s democracy. I am certainly on board with that.”