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Tracy Panton speaks on Patrick Faber’s unyielding position on social media posts

The United Democratic Party’s internal troubles remain unresolved, even after a National Party Council meeting last weekend. The party has repeated its call to former leader, Patrick Faber to take down the videos and posts, which the party says attacks the leadership. Those posts and videos, which were posted as recently as two to three weeks ago, remain on Faber’s Facebook page. On August 15, Faber was removed from the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) and communication from him to the party said he was not going to take down the posts and he was not going to miss those on the CEC. Albert Area Representative, Tracy Taegar-Panton sat with Love News this week for an extended interview on a range of issues and we asked her for comment on this issue. Here’s what she had to say. 

Tracy Panton, Area Representative, Albert Division: “It would not be the approach that I would use but he is the aggrieved person and there may be reasons why he felt that way and I’m sure he wouldn’t be shy to share them. Let’s be fair. The Honorable Patrick Faber is the most senior parliamentarian. The Honorable Patrick Faber has paid his dues to the United Democratic Party. He has served in every capacity in the executive branch of the party. He is a former party leader. He withstood a recall convention at national level and remained as party leader. Unfortunately his personal conduct forced him to withdraw his leadership ambitions and his leadership of the party but the delegates elected him. The decisions makers of this party elected him. I think disrespecting him , and I don’t agree with disrespect from any side so let me say that, is disrespecting the delegates. Is disrespecting members of his constituencies I can see why he feels that way. I think language is important. I think points can be made in a way that is offensive and I think the same points can be made in a way that is not offensive.”

Faber, it seems, will not be taking down those posts any time soon. Since Faber has not spoken about why he’s not acceded to the NPC’s request, we asked Tracy Panton if she could give any insights. Panton explained that even though Faber is out of the country, provisions were to be made to have him join the NPC meeting virtually, but something happened that prevented him. 

Tracy Panton, Area Representative, Albert Division: ” I don’t know why the Honorable Patrick Faber has not responded to the request. He as you know did not attend the NPC meeting on Saturday, was not able to attend, was not afforded the opportunity to attend because there was a commitment offered to him that he would be able to join the meeting virtually. For some reason that did not occur, he was not afforded the opportunity so he did not have a chance to ventilate his concerns at that NPC and I’m sure at the appropriate time he will once he’s back in country we’ll be able to have an opportunity to meet face to face at an NPC and share why he has taken the decision he’s taken. I certainly can’t speak for him.”