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Traffic accident claims one life

This morning the Phillip Goldson Highway was the scene of a fatal traffic accident which claimed the life of one John Gordon. The accident occurred at mile two on the Phillip Goldson Highway, across from the Puma gas station, sometime around 4am. It was a solid impact which caused extensive damage to the vehicle, almost bending it in half and which seemed to have caused the death of the driver. John Gordon died at the scene due to head and body trauma.  Superintendent Lynden Flowers gave more details.

Superintendent Lynden Flowers : “Police from precinct four here responded to a traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway around Miles two. Upon arrival they saw a Mitsubishi endeavor SUV that had collided into a fence across from the gas station on the highway. Two persons were trapped inside the vehicle a male and a female when the aid of the fire department and other persons assisted to remove the female and the male was eventually removed from the vehicle as well and the lifeless body of the male persons found to be Mr. John Jeremy Gordon was transported to the Karl Heusner where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

The condition of the fence that was collided into, which  is the fence of Jose Shoman, was left extensively damaged. Superintendent Flowers says that they have not been able to ascertain what caused the accident but they believe that speed was definitely a factor.

Superintendent Lynden Flowers : “Exactly what caused the accident we cannot say at this time. Investigators were on the scene and I myself visited the scene and I did not see any skid marks. There earlier this morning we know that it was raining well basically there was a thunderstorm and there was water along that part of the road which may have contributed to Mr. Gordon’s unfortunate demise. I believe that speeding coupled with the fact that it was raining appears to be a part of that situation.”

The female that was with the deceased was Jamillia Arnold who is in a stable condition and received minor injuries. Police are continuing the investigation , they have not yet recorded a statement from Arnold