Traffic accident victim dies in the hospital a day after his birthday

Traffic accident victim dies in the hospital a day after his birthday

 Enrique Alvarez, a resident of Punta Gorda Town, whose family says he was knocked down, lost his life one only day after celebrating his 24th birthday in the hospital. Alvarez was riding a motorcycle on the Southern Highway in Jacinto Ville Village on December 18, 2022, when he reportedly was hit by a vehicle. According to his family, the police never officially recorded the incident or launched an investigation until yesterday when he passed away. They allege that Alvarez received multiple injuries and was transported to the hospital by an ambulance passing by. They say that he spent 66 days in the hospital fighting to stay alive and never got the justice he deserved. Alvarez’s sister, Jisenny Garcia, says that the family is outraged and had to track down the person that allegedly knocked down Alvarez on their own.

Jisenny Garcia, Sister of Deceased: “We had to go to the person who saw what happened. They don’t want to talk, they haven’t told us anything. My aunty pushed for it until we found the person the person came up and told me that he didn’t hit my brother that is was my brother that had the fault. But if like what we said if my brother had the fault he would have never had a fractured skull, his hands would not have burst, his knee would not have been burst, his side of his ribs would not have been giving him problems or anything like that.”

Reporter: Did the family ever receive an official police report about the accident ? 

Jisenny Garcia, Sister of Deceased: “No because from what my aunty told all of us the family the person that knocked him down said that the police told him not to inform the family and right now we will push behind it because we really want to know who is the police that has that heart to say not to inform the family what happened.”

Reporter: Do you believe your brother didn’t receive the justice he deserved ? 

Jisenny Garcia, Sister of Deceased: “No. None at all because if he had received the justice police would have been pushing behind it and why up until now will they think about making them to come see my brother and do post mortem behind my brother ? Because all the while when we were pushing and pushing nothing about a police report came out now my brother is gone now they want police behind it. His birthday was the Tuesday. We were going to the hospital happy me and my mom because the Monday when we went he was alright, everything the evening we left him he was alright. We told him that we would come tomorrow, we would bring him cake although he can’t eat but at least for him to have that and we reached there and he was just lost just like he was in the ICU just like that he was. We talked to him he caught a seizure the doctors didn’t do anything. He had a seizure and he was trying to fight it out, he had a long battle to be honest.”

Garcia says that her brother was on his way to the store on his friend’s motorcycle when the incident occurred. She says that after the incident the owner of the motorcycle claims he had forgotten to mention to Alvarez that the motorcycle had mechanical issues. She explained that while the family is still unsure how exactly their brother was injured they are demanding a proper investigation into his death.

Jisenny Garcia, Sister of Deceased: “The report that we got about an ambulance coming from Dangriga heading to PG and his friend where he worked father-in-law was the one that helped him up and took him to the hospital because he works with Punta Gorda Hospital.”

Reporter: So when your brother was hit or involved in this accident the other person didn’t render any assistance to him ? 

Jisenny Garcia, Sister of Deceased: “According to him he said he stopped and helped but we got the report that said it’s people that lived around came and helped him because he was sitting down unconscious because in the picture his hands, feet, toes, head is bleeding everything was bleeding.”

Reporter: Did your brother’s friend mention what exactly was wrong with the motorcycle and did he say why he didn’t inform your brother about the issues the motorcycle had ? 

Jisenny Garcia, Sister of Deceased: “No. Well to be honest with you the friends he was with that day are not his friends because from the day that incident happened that is the only day they reached to the hospital from then that have not asked, they haven’t checked up for my brother. The only person I could say yes is you know they might not hang or talk and everything, is the person that lives right beside us because even though they had their ups and downs he always came to come look for my brother and up to now when my brother passed away he feels a way because the friends he was with  that day didn’t even come check or offer condolences to the family or anything like that.”

A post-mortem examination will be conducted on Alvarez’s body to determine what led to his demise.

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