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Traffic Lights: Not a Good Fit for Belize City, Says Mayor

The stoplights at the intersection of Freetown Road and Douglas Jones Street have not been working for quite some time. Mayor Darrell Bradley told the media he is not sure when the lights will be fixed. However Bradley said stoplights are not a good idea for Belize City.


“We have put in the Coney Drive roundabout, the Mahogany Street roundabout so that they actually replace the traffic lights there so nobody is asking questions about Coney Drive, nobody is asking any question about where Vernon Street intersects Central American Boulevard but there have been four roundabouts that the City or the Central Government has put in key areas in Belize City because we keep having questions about stop lights and I don’t know what the specific problem is I know that I have raised it with our people, they keep telling me a part has to be ordered from this one and that one, if we know that there is a problem let’s not create the problem again. When we did the design for Battlefield park people were asking us why did we design it like that? That park is designed because its tamper proof, its designed to incur minimum maintenance, the fixtures all you have to do is wash it off, the statue is something that will last for years so that when we think about designing a particular project we always think about the monitoring and maintenance and I will be the first to tell you and admit and confess that City Council and Government on a whole is woefully inadequate when it comes to maintenance of equipment so that we build that in as part of the design so that in relation to the stop light I can’t answer when the stop light will be fixed because I don’t’ know but I can say that from a strategic point of view stoplights have never been a good fit for Belize City.”


“So are you working on a plan to get a round a bout there?”