Tragic End to Search: Missing Belize City Teen Found Shot to Death in Barrel

Tragic End to Search: Missing Belize City Teen Found Shot to Death in Barrel

One family’s worst fear became reality today when their missing loved one was found shot to death and stuffed inside a barrel. On Saturday night, 18-year-old Chris Ramos left his mother’s home in Belize City and never returned. His family made a desperate plea on Facebook but their efforts to locate were fruitless. It was not until today that Ramos’ body was found inside a barrel floating in the Belize River near Sarstoon Street. Senior Superintendent of Police Hilbert Romero shared more details.

Hilberto Romero, Senior Superintendent of Police:“A plastic container was seen with a body inside. The container was retrieved, brought to shore. Investigation carried out. So far, this person has been identified as Christian Ramos, 18 years, Belizean of Belize City. Information is that Ramos was last seen two days ago. He was reported missing and his lifeless body was found this morning inside that container. We are not sure how long that container was in the water. The body has been taken to the morgue where it is awaiting a post mortem examination. All I’ll say is he’s known to police. That is all I will say about him at this time. He was identified by his mother. He was seen with gunshot injuries. Gunshot injuries, that’s all I will say. We are following several leads. So far, no suspects at this time.”

Our newsroom also spoke to a resident of the area who says the barrel has been floating in the river since Monday. 

Voice of Resident: “Actually my mom had seen the barrel floating from down the river on the left side from Monday morning but they weren’t paying it any mind. And this morning my brother’s fishermen they came to fish and the barrel had floated right here by this boat and they saw the body and they came and they told my mom because she didn’t believe them until she went and saw it for herself. That was a sight. We never expected something like that to happen like you know ? A lot of animals float up here but we never expected to see a dead body. It is my gentleman called the police this morning. They came like around 6:30 they reached back here. A boat was passing because it had started to go out a little bit and the boat came and helped them drag it in here and they dragged it up on the land here.”

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