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Training MSME stakeholders in disaster management

With the aim to better prepare Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to continue operations after a natural disaster, BELTRAIDE in collaboration with the Organization of American States, the University of West Indies for Institute of Sustainable Development and the Global Affair Canada is carrying out a training session entitled “Maintaining Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management in the MSME Support Ecosystems of the Caribbean Region”. According to Nilda Riverol of BELTRAIDE, during the training session stakeholders of the MSME sector will strengthen their knowledge and capabilities in developing and promoting business continuity planning as a key strategic mitigation measure in the event of a disaster.

Nilda Riverol Manager, SBDC Belize:  “The main output that will result from this workshop is an ability for Micro Small Media Enterprises to be in a position to develop a Business Continuity Plan. Should they be impacted by disasters, they should be in a position to continue to operations or if not to be in a position to start operations as soon as possible in the case that a natural disaster should impact them or a disaster of any other sort.”

Hipolito Novelo:  How do you get this information to the wider community of the MSME?

Nilda Riverol Manager, SBDC Belize:  “The Small Business Development Center as well as our sister unit Export Belize at BELTRAIDE also other business support organizations such as BCCI, the Chamber of Commerce, DFC are all participating in this workshop so by default we will have the information. We are developing the skills set to be able to advise MSME in how to proceed in how to do a Business Continuity Plan so they can contact us at 2233195 or at our email address is to get more information on this specific topic.”

Hipolito Novelo: And what happens after tomorrow because it is a two day workshop so what happens after tomorrow and any follow up?

Nilda Riverol Manager, SBDC Belize:  “It’s a two days workshop so the main output will be developing the sales sets of the participants to be able to make the decision to develop a Business Continuity Plan so what happens next is we will be working with MSME that have a need for us to develop that particular component in their business;a business continuity plan and they should not wait for a hurricane to come to do that, it should be part of their day to day planning, just like they develop a business plan it should be very cognisant that it is very important for them to develop a plan that will allow their operations not to be impacted.”

The training session continues tomorrow.