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Training Program aims at creating a more child friendly court

For those children who come in contact with the law either directly as a victim or indirectly as a suspect, it is important that the judicial system takes the necessary steps to ensure that their rights are not infringed upon. In this regard, court personnel and other stakeholders are participating in a three day workshop to equip them with the proper techniques to apply when dealing with children.  Love news spoke with Dale Cayetano, the Director of the Belize Family Court, who said that the training will assist the court to make available the best possible help for children who come in contact with the court.

Love news also spoke with the one of the consultants, Henri Nzedom, who said that the participants are being trained on the law which must be taken into consideration when dealing with children.  Nzedom went on to speak about a common mistake that is made when engaging with children.

At the end of the workshop, Cayetano said the courts’ personnel should be able to develop techniques that will serve the best interest of the child.