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Training the Trainers for 2017/2018 Curriculum

Yesterday we told you of the training sessions being conducted in Belize City with selected educators from across the country.  The training sessions are being done through the Ministry of Education and have to do with the revised curriculum for three particular subjects.  Love News spoke with John Newport of the Quality Assurance Development Services Unit (QUADS) who explained the rationale behind these Training of Trainers workshops.


“What the Ministry of Education has done this year is published a revised set of learning outcomes so we’ve collected together in one document the learning outcomes from all the subject apart from Spanish. For three of those subjects it meant we had to come up with new or heavily revised outcomes and those three subjects were HFLE, PE and Expressive Arts. So what we were doing this week is training teachers who are selected from each district in two of those subjects, HFLE and PE so they can then take the information back to other teachers in their districts and their schools so we are hoping by the end of this process one teacher from every school will have good information about the changes we have made. And then expressive arts it’s the same process will happen in August.”


“What kind of revisions are we looking at for these three subjects?”


“So what a learning outcome does is it basically describes what students have to achieve, its what they have to know at the end of the year or primary school and what they have to be able to do and so in a way what we are doing is codifying that so teachers now have much clearer guidance as to exactly what students are supposed to learn. So what we did in all of the subjects is we went through quite a long process of not only looking at what we already had because HFLE had a curriculum that was published in 2005, PE was an older curriculum and Expressive Arts we had to work from a range of different documents and then we went through a lot of consultations especially in HFLE in order to not only reorganize the content to make it clearer but to make sure that it is meaningful and relevant and up to date because as you can imagine in something like HFLE ten years is a long time, society changes the types of diseases which are prevalent changes, the concerns of the Ministry of Health changes the situation when it comes to relationships changes and so you can’t continue to use learning outcomes that are really out of date and no longer relevant.”

The training sessions will wrap up later this week at the BTEC building in Belize City.