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Transparent BPO Gifts Salvation Army with 5K

The Christmas season has always proven to be a time of giving and sharing and 2015 has proven no different.  The Salvation Army was given a cheque of five thousand dollars from the company, Transparent BPO.  The handing over took place this morning at the headquarters of Transparent BPO on Coney Drive in Belize City between Rob Johnson and Major Joliker Leandre of the Salvation Army.  According to Johnson, who is the Director of Operations at Transparent BPO, this donation is their way of giving back to the community.


“Transparent BPO has been a part of Belize City since 2009 and we’ve always felt that it’s important to give back to the community and we’ve typically done so not only by providing jobs to our employees but also by making contributions to worthy causes within Belize City and this year we felt that it was especially important to give to an organization that best supports the people in need for food and clothing and just basic necessities and we felt that Salvation Army really represents that well in Belize City. They put the dollars that they receive directly back into the community by giving to families in need.”


“Is this the first time that you’re doing such a handing over?”


“We normally have given back to the community in the form of scholarships to children and we are still doing that this year, it will be a little bit later this year but this is the first time that we’ve given to an organization such as the Salvation Army directly.”

Major Leandre of the Salvation Army spoke to us on how beneficial this money is and how each year their organization operates by faith.


“We are very grateful for companies like that that come on board. Every year we have a set target but this year because of the response we have decided to increase the number of persons we would assist this year. So last year instead of 600 like last year we are assisting 800 families this year. We do that blindly by faith, believing that God is going to provide because last year we had a main sponsorship by Yellow Pages but this year we didn’t have one. We are happy that there are companies like this one that have come on board and they have contributed significantly and Transparent BPO we are grateful to them for this money. Now the money we saved for the year, that is what takes us through the year. Our service to the community is not only for Christmas. It’s for the entire year so whatever contribution that we receive this year that is what is going to take us through. We are very grateful for the community and this organization.”

Salvation Army has two shelters currently with a total of about 21 persons living in those centres.  Those individuals are fed on a daily basis and so their monthly expenses entail food, utilities and other incidental expenses.