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Transport Catches Up With Reckless Bus Driver

A video posted on Facebook yesterday shows two buses racing each other to pick up passengers. Regular passengers have voiced their discontent about the behaviors of the drivers stating that their action put their lives at risk. Hipolito Novelo has more.

The Department of Transport is aware of the situation. The Chief Transport Officer Tirso Galvez has since met with the Transport Board to consider the matter and take appropriate action.One such action being considered is the suspension of the road service permit for J and J Bus line.


Based on the video that I have personally viewed the Department of Transport has decided that we cannot just have these bus operators operating the way they have been operating and endangering people’s lives and so the Department of Transport had a meeting this morning and this matter was being raised by myself as the chief transport officer to the board under other matters and the members of the board also viewed the video and the board has made a decision that based on the action that we have seen regarding this situation which involves a J&J bus which originates out of Benque it is plain to see from the video that the driver of that particular bus was consistently impeding the other bus which the video was taken from by somebody in the other bus and showing that the driver for that J&J bus was obviously preventing that bus from overtaking. We also saw in that video where there was a Bowen and Bowne Truck which had passed the J&J bus that truck was allowed pass but whenever the other bus intended to stay behind the truck so that it could have passed the J&J bus blocked the other bus from passing and it is obvious that that type of behaviour could have lead to a serious fatal accident but having passengers from both busses and other road users getting injured or ending up with fatal injuries. The board has decided that the suspension would be for a month and the suspension for that company and the runs and the two runs that company has and the board will be allowing other bus services to use that route that that particular bus line was doing.”

The department is also contemplating levying charges against the bus driver.