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Transportation Cost Hurting Public Officers

Another issue that public officers are experiencing across all government departments is the high cost of transportation. Flowers says that several public officers have been requesting to be transferred because of transportation cost 

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union (PSU): “The quantum for commuting allowance is definitely not sufficient and if you’re not commuting and you’re renting, the quantum for housing allowance or house rent allowance is a mere $300, $350 I believe. So clearly there is absolutely no municipality in this country where you can rent for $300 or $350 and where commuting for the month is concerned, we all know that that wouldn’t suffice either. So we know there are a lot of challenges there. There are some departments that are special who have effectively purchased vans and  know of several. It’s not only one or two departments that have done that who bus public officers to and fro from work. Unfortunately, that courtesy is not afforded to all public officers. I don’t know if these types of decisions are purely left up to the CEOs and the respective ministries who have taken that bold decision or the administrative officer but it would be good if Government could put together a policy in terms of seeing how they can assist public officers to get to and from work because the reality is the current cost of committing is putting a serious strain on public officers.”