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What was being transported in the aircraft that landed in northern Belize?

Three days after the landing of a suspected drug plane in northern Belize, police say they still have not verified what kind of cargo, if any, was being transported. The aircraft was found on the San Estevan Progresso Road in the Orange Walk District early on Tuesday morning. Earlier today the aircraft was flown from the location it had been for the last few days.  ACP Joseph Myvett spoke on the ongoing investigation.

ACP Joseph Myvett , Belize Police Department: “Shortly before 5AM police received information of an aircraft that had landed on the San Estevan / Progresso North Road. As a result police proceeded to the area where upon arrival they observed a white in color twin engine Harker Sidle HS124 Series 700 A aircraft on the ground. The area was secured and later processed. Upon inspection of the aircraft it was found that only the pilot seat was affixed inside the aircraft, the remainder of the seats were removed and there were no other content. The police conducted extensive searches in the area and no other item related to the aircraft was found. Samples were taken from within the cabin of the aircraft which will determine more or less if the cargo was related to drugs. We are working in conjunction with our regional counterparts and the police have followed all information in regard to suspected aircraft sightings as well as landings in Belize and this is an ongoing series of investigations in relation to these aircraft landings.”

The aircraft seems to be in very good condition. This is the fifth suspected drug plane to be discovered abandoned in Belize for this year.