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Treshawn’s life cut short by gun violence

The ongoing gun violence has claimed the life of four-year-old Treshawn Goff. The incident occurred last night about seven forty, four-year-old Treshawn Goff was in a yard on Nurse Findley Crescent when gunmen opened fire. As a result, the child was hit to the right side of the head by gunfire and was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries this morning. The family is still coming to terms with the death of their loved one. His distraught mother, Latifah Sutherland spoke to the media today.

Latifah Sutherland, Mother of deceased

“I was inside writing out my party list and printing out stuff for his party and my boyfriend said I am going across the street to get something from my mom and my daughter said dad I will follow you.  Not a good five minutes, I hear like five gunshots first, I ran and opened the door and saw the car passing the same time with no lights. When I reached outside I said only my brother-in-law got shot. When we were moving off with my brother-in-law, it was then I saw my baby laying down on the ground.

Sutherland said she cannot imagine why someone would want to attack her child.


Latifah Sutherland, Mother of deceased

“I have no idea because my family keeps to ourselves. We go from work to home and don’t go anywhere for the same reason since these days people want to hurt you for nothing. I think better we get hurt in our yard not knowing it would come through. The person who did this robbed me of my baby’s future. I forgive you, but you will have to deal with God.”

Treshawn attended Port Loyola Pre-School, where his teacher and his classmates were deeply saddened after hearing the news of his death. His teacher, Michelle Dulmo recalled what a fun-loving child he was.

Michelle Dulmo – Teacher, Port Loyola Pre-School

“When I got the news last night that one of our students had been shot, I was devastated by the news. I just came back to work yesterday due to the fact that I was on sick leave. My interaction the Treshawn is one of fun memories, I can remember him being very jovial. When I came back yesterday, we were preparing to go to the Bliss and he came in and he was hugging me and saying teacher I missed you. I was praying that you were ok and that is my last memory of him.”

March is child stimulation month; however, there have already been two children killed since the start of the month and a couple injured.  Also, injured in last night’s shooting was 24-year-old Ian Abraham who was taken to the KHMH where he was treated and released.