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Trial of BDF officer charged with rape comes to an abrupt end

The trial of 25 year old BDF second Lieutenant Rashesi Elijio, charged with rape of a female BDF second Lieutenant, was aborted today by the trial judge, Justice John Gonzalez when he was informed by the fore lady of the jury that one of the jurors had already made up his mind that Elijio was innocent. The fore lady said the juror did so while the complainant was testifying. As a result, Justice Gonzalez discharged the jury and traversed the trial until the next session of the Supreme Court. The alleged rape occurred in January, 2012, at the BDF Camp after an officers’ party. The prosecution had already closed its case and Elijio, who had testified, was about to be cross examination when the trial was aborted. Elijio was represented by attorney Oscar Selgado while the Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith.