Trial of Bladen 12 Adjourned as Defendants Secure New Legal Representation

Trial of Bladen 12 Adjourned as Defendants Secure New Legal Representation

The trial of the Bladen 12, the men charged with facilitating a drug plane landing, was adjourned today, as four of the accused had to hire a new attorney. Oscar Selgado previously represented Heinrich Redecop, Johan Wall, Fredy Orlando Gongora, and Adonis Campos. However, Selgado was found guilty of abetment to commit murder in the Belize High Court and was remanded to prison this month. It was not until today that the accused secured Lindon Jones, one of the attorneys already working on the case, to represent them. Jones asked the court for two adjournments, which would push the continuation of the trial into early April. Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley, attorney for several of the accused, explained that the adjournments were unavoidable.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney: “Four of the accused in the Balden drug plane, drug trafficking, landing of a plane without permission case those four persons had the illustrious Oscar Selgado as their attorney  he is unable to make it this morning because he doesn’t control his time so the four persons have asked and one of our colleagues’s attorneys Linden Jones is going to represent them and of course that only came up this morning when they all came to court so the Magistrate quite rightly said that they are entitled to be properly represented and so she agreed to the request for adjournment in relation to that matter hoping that we would then come bright and early on Holy Thursday to try and get a full morning. But like bad luck Mr.Jones has also received a last minute notice that he has been appointed by the Higher Court to represent a person in a murder trial so he’s going to try and see how he can get that sorted out this afternoon and in relation to Thursday that is not going to work so we are going, God willing, on the third day of April to get a full day and thereafter if things remain on track, I repeat on track, then the 8th of April we will continue and between myself and the others we’ll try and see how far we can get the voir dire advanced by the 9th day of April. Because trial proper has started but it is also on pause.”

Bradley says the substantive trial can only continue if the ongoing voir dire has concluded and took issue with the prosecution announcing that more witnesses will be called.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney: “You heard the prosecution once again talking about some more witness.

Reporter: Ten total.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney: “Can you imagine more witness at the start of the trial we were begging give us the list of witnesses so we could prepare for the voir dire. Now today almost at the end of the session the prosecution is telling the Magistrate “Oh but you know I have to call so much moe witness and then I’m not sure I might still have to call some more.” that is what we’re dealing with. A trial that is the biggest drug trafficking case in the country that is what we’re dealing with. In fact to my surprise the prosecutor is also saying to the court that “Well we could try to set aside days but I have other court.” and she asked what kind of court Magistrate’s court ? Listen man this is a very serious matter you know ? I am sure you ask any of the Magistrates I have matters in front of Magistrates Court, so does Mr.Banner, so does Mr.Jones we go and say to the Magistrate your honor the drug trafficking case is underway everybody knows the significance of this, there are people in jail, there are people whose lives are on hold, there are people who don’t even live here locked up from the time this thing happened. So that’s really surprising but I say no more on that matter.”

The magistrate has set aside a total of eight days for the completion of the voir dire.

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