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Trinity Primary School Burglarized for the Ninth Time in Under a Year

Burglars targeted the Trinity Primary School in Belize City on Monday night. Love News spoke with the school’s principal, Jamil Campbell who explained that much of the administration work has been placed on pause due to the stolen printers and devices. In addition, he says much of their cleaning supplies was also taken by the thieves.

Jamael Campbell, Principal

Jamael Campbell, Principal: “It was on Monday night coming into Tuesday and I left here about three thirty in the evening and the morning we had our first teacher arriving at seven o’clock, that’s when I got a call that the office door is open and rooms seemed to be ransacked so I quickly called the police and made my way over here and I realized the same both doors were prised open and the office was in disarray. Things all over the place, all our detergent, our clorox, our soap all over the equipment all over the floor so quite a mess it was in at that time. In our report it amounted to somewhere around $4,000 worth of goods that were stolen and damages of course. Our main printer was stolen, our Bluetooth speaker, our DVR for the cameras we’ve installed because we’ve had previous break-ins and the cameras seemed to have helped, they stole the DVR this time around and of course other things. We were missing a lot of our cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies so those are all gone too as well. Of course damage to all the locks and the door that we have to replace at this time. This is a major setback in terms of our printer, we use it almost on a daily basis to get kids into high school we need to recommend them, we need to have their report cards ready, we need to have packages ready it’s a major setback. In fact I so much feel that a school should not operate without a printer available so the printer alone is just a major below the belt blow for us here at Trinity Methodist School when we combine it with the other stuff, our security of our cameras, our speakers, our laptop that went missing it’s just heartbreaking to know that this is what we have to face with on a daily basis coming to school. So yes we are a major setback we know with the protocols that we have in place we have to clean this school on a daily basis. We have to mop, we have to make sure we sanitize the students area so I can’t even begin to say how much. Our community helped us quite a bit to get to this stage and so for the thieves to come in and just vandalize the place it’s heartbreaking to know that our kids are at the liberty of these thieves now having them being exposed to different things. But of course we will rise to the occasion and I’m sure with the community’s help we will be able to get ourselves so that we can have our place sanitized and ready for when the reopening comes around.”

This break-in at the school in the King’s Park Area marks the ninth time within a year that the school had been burglarized. Principal Campbell says the school will have to see how they beef up their security system.

Jamael Campbell, Principal: We’ve been targeted quite a number of times this actually number ninth in a year, just a little over a year I should say. Last year between January and March we were targeted eight times. We’ve then beefed up our security and we did things like hiring a guard for the time being, we had security, we installed more lights, we did several things to try to secure the school a bit more. This time around it does make us feel uneasy getting a call that your school was burglarized doesn’t let you sleep well at night you’re here thinking I wonder if they’re coming in tonight those sorts of things. What’s next for us ? Definitely beef up security, alarm system, install better cameras, secure DVR much better of course and so those are the steps we want to take in order to ensure this doesn’t repeat itself in the near future.”

The items stolen have an estimated value of four thousand dollars.