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Trio acquitted of aggravated burglary

Brandon Baptist, John and Sheldon Grinage walked away from a charge of aggravated burglary when they went to court today.  The charge is in connection with the invasion of the home of Lebanese diplomat, Sarkis Abou-Nehra in Burrell Boom.  As many as nineteen persons were charged initially for the home invasion.  Today, the trio appeared before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser but the prosecutor, Inspector, Egbert Castillo could not proceed with the matter with the virtual complainant being out of the country. As a result, the Chief Magistrate dismissed the matter. While Baptist was able to leave the court free, the Grinage brothers were remanded to prison on a charge of murder in relation to death of Stann Creek Resident, Mariano Castillo which occurred on Administrative Drive in Belize City. The Grinage brothers’ murder trial is now at the Supreme Court for the October session. It is noteworthy to mention that Brandon Baptist, was also charged jointly with the Grinage brothers for the murder of Castillo but was recently acquitted. Meanwhile, Paul Jex Jr is the only person still awaiting trial on a charge of rape of the watchman’s wife in connection with the Sarkis home invasion.