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Trio responsible for murder of Oscar Rosado remain at large

Police continue to look for three persons in reference to the murder of businessman, Oscar Rosado Sr.  The well-known businessman was in his business place Rosado’s Construction Supplies around 1:30 Monday afternoon when armed robbers entered. Following a confrontation with the men, Rosado was fatally injured. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino gave an update on the investigation at today’s media brief.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch: “CIB responded to shots fired at #130 Cemetery Road. This would be the business place of Rosado’s Construction Supply where they discovered the body of Mr.Oscar Rosado Sr 71 year old businessman. He had suffered a single gunshot wound to the head and had been pronounced dead on the scene. Investigations indicated that sometime shortly before the incident three individuals came into the business and ordered some items, they left and returned shortly after. There was an attempt to relieve Mr.Rosado of his licensed firearm and there was a struggle and two shots were fired and one of them was fatal.”

Reporter: In the process of fleeing the scene of this crime these three individuals came in contact with a pair of police officers in the vicinity of this incident and gunfire erupted. Can you speak to whether or not the officers were able to identify any of these three individuals considering the fact that all three made good their escape?

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch: “The investigation is ongoing and we are looking into whatever witnesses we have. I don’t have any details in regards to the crossfire between any of the assailants and any officers.”