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Trio Rob Son of Police Minister at Gunpoint

Police in Belize City have detained two men after the son of a Government minister was robbed at gunpoint last night just before midnight.  The incident occurred on Marine Parade in Belize City where 24-year-old, Kryston Hulse was parked with his girlfriend in a red Forerunner SUV.  The couple was then approached by three males of dark complexion; one of the robbers who was armed held the couple up forcing Hulse to surrender the keys to the SUV.  Hulse and his girlfriend remained on the Marine Parade as two of the robbers drove off in the SUV and the third culprit followed in a white Mazda sedan heading in the direction of the Ramada Hotel.  The vehicle was recovered within an hour with its front tire damaged near the Marion Jones Complex.  It is expected that charges will be laid shortly.  Kryston Hulse is the son of the Minister of Home Affairs, Senator Godwin Hulse.